What you learned today

ok - so people seem to be getting outta sorts right now; overwhelmed & distraught. So in an attempt to create a more postiive threat (here’s looking at you Mr. Good Guy, haha), here’s what i learned (as opposed to read or studied but didn’t retain or learn 100%) today that i hope shows up on the exam because i am now confident i’ll get it right. I learned how to hedge (including calculating positions) a portfolio if i’m given delta and the underlying position (long or short) in an option or a security. So, what did you learn today that will help you pass this exam?

oh crap another thing i dont remember

Whats a hedge? ;-D

My kid was watching Star Wars, don’t know which one, but I learned that Luke Skywalker was Princess Leigha’s (sp) brother. I did not know that. I also learned today that geese can walk around unfazed with arrows shot through them.

well, it was worth a shot. meh.

Nice try Striker - Honestly… I liked where you were going with it. Ok - for me, I DID learn and understand about Dollar Duration adjustments to a bond portfolio and how to readjust to account for the passage of time. And what a COntrolling Position is. I feel pretty good about that. And I realized that hearing stories about Geese with arrows through them can actually be pretty funny. It’s almost “Jack Handy”-esque…

I think I’m good with VAR, the Core-Satellite Aproach and the components of Total Active Return after tonight. Tomorrows probably a different story:-)

I learnt that unless i read through derivatives and fixed income a day before the exam i have no hope of remembering anything no matter how much i revise.

Oh dear, I learned that I’d forgotten a whole bunch of cr*p that I’m not sure I knew all that well in the first place. Almost time to panic!

Derivatives - specifically option strategies really suck. Like, really suck.

hardcoded in my brain rebalancing back to the original duration.

I learned that CFAI can make crappy sample exams too

I am redoing the same Implementation shortfall question 5 times in a row then I will never look at it again. Sad if you think about it