What you need to know about Capital Budgeting

Hi guys,

I have recently written 2 readings to summarize the capital budgeting reading from the CF section of the exam. Have a look below:

  1. Capital Budgeting Rules: NPV, IRR, Payback, Discounted Payback, AAR


2)How to use Texas Plus for Capital Budgeting Rules? NPV, IRR, Payback and Discounted Payback


Also, this is an Excel sheet (macro enabled) I designed that will help you build your own problems and double check if your answers are accurate or not - have a look


Good luck

Hi Omar, Thank you. This will help dearly. Do you have more? I have just started reading fir June 2014 exam… I started with FRA.

Check on the blog in which the article was posted - on the tab up there you will find posts -> posts -> level I and then the readings I have posted so far. I started exactly on 30th june so a month ago and I’m posting for level I,II and III so you wont find a lot of readings yet but gradually there will be more - if you want to be notified everytime I post new reading make sure to follow the blog