what'd i miss?

have been in sunnier places for work for the last 3 days. did anyone have a CFAI epiphany that i need to know about? studied a little on the plane both ways. about halfway through ss15, will finish that prob tomorrow and then crack derivatives on the home stretch of my reading. and no, i’m not studying tonight. or tomorrow night. maybe come april i’ll start that nonsense.

yeah we determined that the CFA is better than an MBA and that Schweser is better than Stalla

I beg to differ, schweser is not better than stalla…what u smoking?

Ahh… That’s what I was wondering, why have we been missing the banniElement. You didn’t miss anything, rather you gained by not reading those General Discussion posts. Anyway’s its only Feb and would be too early to cram on a friday/sat night. This part & energy is best kept for the month of May.