What's a 2-tier state??

“The two-tier states generally do not require work experience for a CPA certificate…” (Wikipedia under search: CPA work experience) What are two-tier states?

Alabama (150 semester hours, 33 semester hours in accounting excluding introductory courses and be a US citizen) Hawaii (requires experience for certificate) Oklahoma District of Columbia Illinois (will remain a two-tier state till July 1, 2010, must pass the CPA exam before this date) Maine (requires experience for certificate) Montana Nebraska Kansas -Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma require residency Colorado though not a two-tier state has the education in lieu of experience rule: applicant must have: * A Masters degree, doctoral degree, or a bachelor’s degree with 30 additional hours. * 39 semester hours in accounting. * 6 semester hours in audit. * 36 semester hours in general business subjects, with no more than 9 hours in any subject. Montana is a good choice.

Thanks a lot, delero! Appreciate it.