What's a good age to marry (for people in finance)?

My parents started pressuring me to get married. I’m almost 27, but don’t want to think about family until 30.
What age do you think is not too late and not too early to marry and have the first kid?

In any situation, it’s best to do what you feel is best and not let others make your decisions for you.

I got married when I was 20. We had people pressuring us not to get married.

Last year we celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary.


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depends if ur a dude or a chick. personally i like to look at ferility as the point of deciding when to setlle down. so if ur a chick ur fertyility drops singificantly by 35. so around 25 is ideal time. for males it drops around 50, so ideal is around 35.

Marriage is easy so do it whenever it feels right.
It’s when you buy a house together that the real pressure kicks in, kids come into the mix pretty quick once you’ve a nest. Also an awesome chapter of life so just get into it once you’re ready to lose a little career motivation.

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