what's best to focus on? qns or papers?

I’ve not done any qns or past papers yet, so what’s best to focus on? what’s proved most useful? end of chapter CFAI qns? end of chapter Schweser qns? Schweser past papers? CFAI past papers? obviously don’t have time to do all…

john_b - I’d focus on the first two. By looking at past papers you always run the risk of looking at material that is no longer tested or out of date. And since your time is limited, stick with current material. I’ve always been a big proponent of working problems over and over again. For L3 I did all assigned end of chapter questions as I went through the material the first time. Then, when I was in review mode, I went over all the questions again. Some I did from scratch again and others I just reviewed and made sure I understood the concept. I didn’t use Schweser for L3 except for their practice exam book. I took one of the three practice exams in each of the three weekends leading up to the actual exam. I think it is pretty dangerous to not have done any questions this late. Perhaps do the Schweser or online practice exams. That is about all you have time for.

if your running out of time do the end of chapter CFAI q from previous exams . …and atleast 1 past CFAI paper or alteast do the questions for practice