What's everyone doing AFTER the exam to celebrate?

I can’t read anymore topics about the curriculum at this point.

My plan after the exam:

-Sprint out of the exam hall past the other candidates, crack an airplane bottle in the parking garage to celebrate, then go to dinner and drinks with friends.

What is everyone doing to celebrate on Saturday after this beast is over?

I want to finally take my honeymoon that is long overdue thanks to this exam!

But on short notice, definitely have a grand well deserved dinner with friends and family!


start studying for my re-take in 2014

I bought a PS3 and 7 games that are waiting to be played. That and a large stockpile of alcohol.


drinking while im sleeping

Word. I’ll probably be too tired to even drink.

Retaker!! Wooh! FML


I’m going to a fancy dinner with a female friend: http://www.dinnerlab.com/ I may hit up Bourbon Street after with a group of friends… if I’m still awake.

I just hope I’m not too exhausted and end up being lame!