What's everyone's review strategy for this last month?

I finially finshed the 1st pass yesterday. Just wondering how everyone is doing and what your plan is for the final review?

I have gone through Elan Materials, Vedios, their questions + EOC questions from CFAI books for once. Did about 1600 questions so far.

For the rest of time, I plan to go through the BBs in the books and do all the EOC Qs again. Is one mock per week engouh?

Any suggestions is appreciated.

You are perfect.

I wouldn’t say that till I pass :slight_smile:

If Rahul Roy says you are perfect, you are perfect. End of story. Don’t ask questions and consider yourself lucky that he acknowledged you.

But seriously, I think you have the right plan of attack. One mock a week should be good. Don’t be afraid to mix another one or two more; generally doing 5-6 mocks is a good number based on surveys of people that successfully cleared the exam.

One practice test per week. In between, concentrat on the areas I’ve scored under 50% on during recent practice tests (equity, ethics, econ) by rereading the sections and using schweser’s quiz bank to reinforce.

Is Rahul Roy God Father here? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, Tommy. Retaining the materials is the key. Not sure how much I still remember from what I read 6 months ago, but I will focus on doing more problems at this point. Hopefully my plan works.

That sounds a good plan. Good luck!

I just finished reading equity, derivative & half fixed income. I guess seeing ure level of prep Im nowhere sad

I’ve done 2 passes of the CFAI books and 1 skimming pass of Schweser

I’m gonna do my first mock tomorrow.

I plan to do 6 schweser 2014 mocks, 2 CFAI mocks from this year and the 2013 CFAI mock.

In between that I’ll be reviewing that 91 page ELAN guide made available yesterday.

I hope that should be enough.

how do we get our hands on the 2013 CFAI mocks?

We still have a month to go. Hanging there!

Finishing reading earlier doesn’t mean you can score high. It’s about the amount of knowledge you can retain and knowing how to apply the knowledge in solving problems. I’m getting there!

What 91 page ELAN gudie? Are you refering to the 11-hour Guide?


anyone have 2013 CFAI mocks!?? :frowning:

What is this?

EDIT: nevermind. just seen a link to this lol

I think people save them when they take either level I or level II last year.

Assuming you’ve put forth reasonable effort up until now (say at least 200 hours of solid study by May), I’d say the best use of your time now is doing as many past CFAI mocks as possible AND redoing all the questions you got wrong and the ones you kinda guessed on. That AND knowing the Schweser Quicksheet inside and out.

I didn’t break 70% on any AM or PM section of any mock (CFAI or Schweser) until the final week! Last year, I did the 2012 mock and got about 55% then the 2013 mock and got about 60% 2 weeks before the exam. While I did the mocks, I starred all the questions I felt a little shaky on so I’d remember to review them even if I got them right . So I went back and redid all the problems I got wrong AND the ones I got right with some luck from the 2012-2013 mocks… maybe about 3-4 time. I pretty much knew those 2 mocks inside and out.

The only mock I was able to break 70% on was the 2011 one which I did like 4 days before the exam. And I ended up passing with 70+ in everything except 3 subjects.

Moral of the story: Know the most recent mocks Inside and Out… redo them if necessary, and know the Schweser Quicksheet in your sleep.

Thanks for sharing! It’s useful.

Remember to save 2014 Level 3 mock exam :slight_smile: It will be useful when u are in 2015.

Yup, I saved the 2012 and 2013 L3 mocks when doing L1 and L2 respectively…