What's it gonna be Ben???

OK, most anticipated Fed meeting in a few years tommorow. I made nadda on NFL picks this week, so I feel like laying money down, of course that is hard on an annonoymous forum so how about we guess for fun? I say no rate cut, only because I’m a jerk like that.

25 bps. I’ve bugged his phone.

Ben needs to do something crazy, so everyone in the media will stop talking about Greenspan.

My prediction is a rate cut, X. 0 < x < 25 bps. My prediction is that it will be a cut of less than 25 bps (is that even done?).

yeah. maybe cut it like 3.7 bips… get the crowd cheerin!

Either way , USD is stronger relative CAD tomorrow. My bet.

I got 5 on it. .25bps that is.

60% of Yahoo! users say the fed will lower rates, so I’ll say lower. :stuck_out_tongue:

ymichael, I will bet you a trillion dollars the Fed does not lower rates by “.25 bps”.

CoffeeCup, only if you can spot me a “.”.

25 bps tomorrow, 100 by EOY

I’m gonna go with 50 basis points and a dovish tone on inflation with hawkish commentary on mortgage repackagers. Willy

if willy is right, CAD will be above par tommorow

What time is the Fed going to announce the decision tomorrow? I have an interview tomorrow and want to talk about it.

excel, buen punto.