What's most important for passing

Hi- this sounds fairly general but what’s the single most important thing for passing the level 2 exam?

I understand that the vignette format throws some people off. Also, that since the number of questions is only 120 it may not be a true respresentation of your study efforts.

So, I’m wondering what the true saving grace is.

Is it:

Conceptually knowing the material in great depth

Studying smart (heavy emphasis on heavy weightings- I assume this is already a given)

Based on analytical skills and thinking outside the box

Something other than the three mentioned above

Appreciate the insight; happy studying

300+ Hours of study seems to do the trick

What’s most important is getting enough correct answers on the exam.


You have to understand the material well enough to be able to sort through it and apply it quickly.

Therefore: thorough study (to understand it well enough), and sufficient practice (to bea ble to apply it quickly).

Haha, you had to. As always, very helpful.

thank you

To me fing a slot of time and allocating quality hours to study is the key…Not to forget there is a point where burnout spoils the hard work so one has to be mindful. Knocking and practicing the various topics from the book is crucial.

Pay attn to LOSes I am sure this is a given too.

Repeat ALL type of valuations Qs multiple times to be able to do it perfectly.

Put in the efforts. I passed at the border on my 2nd attempt. My study hours on 1st and 2nd attempt was totalling 500+

I found that unlike L1, you really had to understand the material such that you can come to a conclusion without actually computing any numbers.