What's my score?

OK, so if I had to guess, or was in any way unsure about an answer, I circled the question. There were 32 of those on my exam. I was very confident on the other 88 questions. So I’m just curious to know what you guys think my score is. Thanks, guys!

So you definitely passed and it doesn’t even matter that you were unsure of 32 answers. Congratulations

32 unsure answers = Most likely all wrong since there are answers there especially made for unsure people.(It’s not 33% chance to get right ) Now out of the 88 questions it would be VERY conservative to say that you’ve fallen for 12 - 17 tricks, which leaves u with about about 73 correct ones. I’m afraid that a 60% score is very unlikely to be a pass mate…


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Very doubtful all 88 were correctly, but let’s assume about a 70% correct rate on those + 20% on the unanswered ones ~ 57%.

When you say you were unsure you meant you took complete guesses? Cuz if so there’s a chance you could’ve gotten lucky and passed. Seriously though, most people fail this exam so I wouldn’t worry plus you never know!

On the 32 unsure, the level of confidence ranged from complete guesses on perhaps 12 of them, and on the other 20 I would say I had somewhat of a clue, but circled it anyway. I did the same thing for level I and had, surprisingly, about the same ratio. Nailed Level I.

You knew 88 of those difficult 120 questions and u seriously r asking this? Not sure if Ur bragging or if u really don’t know…and if u really don’t know, then I will wager u r way off base on those 88 bc this is beyond common sense

There’s a reason he’s gotten a few sarcastic posts. It’s a dumb question and a few people are going to find it offensive. It’s dumb because no one has any idea what your score is and if you tell us you got 88 right + 50% on the remaining 32 then you don’t need to be a brain surger to figure out your score is 104 / 120. That’s why your question is dumb.

But your question is also offensive because you have to understand most people on this board - even the ones that think they scored over 70 but are not *really* sure are nervous, so they don’t want to have to deal with the mental exercise of figuring out if you scored 85% or 88%. or somewhere in between.

Nothing sarcastic or braggadocio, and I’m not trying to be a d-bag by saying “I’m the man”. I’m nervous as well, so the constructive feedback is good during the waiting period. And the population here is pretty adept, so I figure I’d put the numbers out there to check my logic. Here’s what I’m thinking:

If I get 70% out of the 88 questions I had high confidence on and 33% on the 32 unsure ones, that puts me on the bubble. So perhaps the feedback can help me define what the bubble is, for whatever it’s worth. If, however, I’m at 75% or so on the 88 confident ones, then I’m fine and you’re right, stupid question–unless the whole population did very well, then I’m right back to being on the bubble. It’s all a guessing game, I know, but we all put our lives on hold for a long time, and this is all very therapeutic–thanks for understanding.

I wanted to get a temperature reading from you guys. I underperformed on the mocks compared to this crowd (58-65% on every damn one of them) and went into the test feeling shaky. Then I real all these posts about how everyone thought Level II was a walk in the park…

So anything constructive would be appreciated. Thanks again!

hmmmm… I feel like I came off too harsh and didn’t fully understand what you were asking so I apologize. Of questions I am “highly confident about” I would assume I got 90%+ of them right so I just assumed that was your meaning as well.

Again, I apologize for my words and tone.

No need to apologize, but thanks. I don’t know why I get so freakish about something I can’t control, like worrying about a result after the exam’s turned in. But the notion of relaxing and moving along with my life without the exam stress is a bit difficult. This is what it must be like when you get outta prison…

No offense, but no one cares what your score would be. Everyone’s worried about their own scores!

lol @ “i’m the man” hahaha…come on guys, stop thinking, what’s done is done, go get a beer and at least enjoy for a month before you start studying again, either way, you gotta study, level 2 again or level 3, so do yourself a favor, enjoy the next 6 weeks in your life