what's next? after being a PM

What is the typical path? After being PM (buy side) for last 3+ years and a CFA charterholder, if one wants to get into bigger firms and a senior level, what kind of opportunities are there to look for? Any ideas … How to approach this? head hunters? I don’t really like those headhunters, but is there a choice?

Senior PM -> VP -> SVP -> Chief Investment Officer. Willy

You have to have some way of knowing what jobs are availible at bigger firms, etc. Either you have to be good enough at what you do that people actively seek you out (unlikely), or you have to have a network of contacts at other firms that will let you know about opportunities (best option), or you need to rely on headhunters.

PM - Sr. PM - BSD - Sr. BSD

Thanks guys. I know I can apply for a senior PM job in a buy side (quant. investment management). I would like to know other options. I am working on getting leads via my network now. May be I should aim high and apply for VP at these big firms? Let’s see… with all the bad PR for quants doing the rounds now, I will have a hard time to gain this job.

What’s BSD stand for? I’m assuming it’s not Beaverton School District. jbisback Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > PM - Sr. PM - BSD - Sr. BSD

Big Swingin d*ck

Ah, the dream to one day be that big swangin’ duck.

I honestly think it’s how you manage your career, opportunities and risk taking. I interviewed for the CIO role that I now report into at the firm I’m currently at. I know I could have gotten it but I someone took myself out of it as the CEO made the CIO role sound much more frightening than it is. At a multi-manager, the CIO job isn’t that hard really. If you’re good at a couple things, then you should be fine. It’s not really like being the CIO of an asset manager or h-fund. Multi manager work, as I’m finding out, is a lot of knit picking. Willy

What is multi-manager? Pardon my ignorance. RK2

willyr, what is your current role, senior PM?