What's on your movie list?

I hope to have this attitude someday.

Reading the Big Short right now. Will be interesting to watch the movie when it comes out

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was incredible. You’d probably like some of Guy Ritchie’s other movies (Snatch immediately comes to mind).

Probably off any lists but def an interesting movie is “Funny Games” - you’ll either love it or hate it

I need to see Argo and Skyfall. I never make it out to the theater anymore so I’ll have to wait until they’re available on DVD.

I don’t get why SkyFall was so great. Sure, production quality was high and the cast were all individually good in their roles. However, the plot didn’t make sense and the villain was just sort of weird. I think people were just geeking out about all the references to old Bond movies.

I haven’t seen SkyFall, but the Daniel Craig Bond movies just haven’t felt like Bond movies to me. I’ve generally enjoyed them, but I really don’t see them differently than any other recent action movies. Maybe the older Bond movies are too hokey for today’s audiences, but I miss the feel of them.


SkyFall was largely ruined for me from the opening sequence when that stupid lady agent shot 007, then sat there like a moron while the bad guy stood in the open when she could have taken 3-4 more shots and ended the movie right then and there. I also disliked M. For someone who chronically screwed up and wasn’t in the field (where everyone had to cleanup her messes), she was way too high on her soapbox. The whole assault sequence was kinda hairbrained. The only redeeming point of the film was when M finally died and I got closure.

I had the same reaction. Nothing about the movie seemed Bond’ish’ to me. They hardly used any gadgets (a silly pistol and a radio transmittor)… train stunt was good but rest of the movie was just slow and dark.

Even the last scene. As cliched as it may be, I wanted Bond to pull the last second bomb blows up but he jumps out and survives stunt. Instead we got a silly knife to the back kill… and very unbond like move.

ohai is an infidel

Yeah, I also didn’t get a sense of why it was so important to save M. She was basically being a bitch for the whole movie. Think of all the police, henchmen and prostitutes that died throughout the course of the movie. Those people had families, damn it!

I’ve seen all his movies and you are correct, Guy Ritchie is incredibly talented. If I see he is making a new movie, I immediately make note to watch it. My quote in my comment box for this forum comes from one of his movies: Revolver

My only qualm is that a few of his movies have very similar plots.

Snatch was good as well.

Guy Ritchie did Swept Away with Modonna. Worst. Movie. Ever.

Snatch and Lock Stock are great.

For some reason I never enjoyed British movies. Must be the humor.


If I can find time and a babysitter, I want to go watch “The Conjuring.” “Pacific Rim” also looks somewhat intriguing.

As far as actors go, I will watch just about any movie with Matt Damon in it. I have some sort of man-crush on Matt Damon.

I’ve heard good things about the Conjuring, but I’ll probably wait until its rentable. Pacific Rim was okay. I think Matt Damon has some sci-fi/class struggle movie coming out in August. I wasn’t that impressed by the trailer, so I’ll wait until I see some reviews. I’m not all that excited about the films for the remainder of the summer. I’ll probably watch Kick-ass 2 and then anything else that gets good reviews that I have time to catch.

I watched everyone on my list. Need a new one but there doesn’t seem to be anything good lately.

“Elysium” I think it’s called. i’m pretty excited for it but I’m kind of a sci-fi nerd, so get excited anytime any movie goes into space.

Edit: not sure why that edit isn’t working- see Elysium trailer here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QILNSgou5BY

Saw The Wolverine on Friday, would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the previous X-Men movies. World War Z was pretty good too if you like zombie movies.

Red 2, White House Down, This is the End, and The Great Gatsby all seem interesting. Although a fan, I’m not too big on Leo being Gatsby though, for whatever reason. Also I don’t like Channing Tatum, so This is the End is top on my list. And while I was looking, I would like to also add The To-Do List. BIG fan of Aubrey Plaza, and Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, and Donald Glover as well.

Although none are out yet, I also want to see We Are the Miller’s, Anchorman 2, and Dumb and Dumber To. Next week, Christmas time, and next summer (apparently) are the release dates. Love my comedies.