What's on your movie list?

Now that football season is over and we’re in the dog days of winter, I have time to catch up on movies.

The recent ones I’ve seen:


Life of Pi


The Impossible

Silver Linings Playbook


Jack Reacher


12 angry men (can’t believe I missed this classic)

Still on my list:

Django unchained


Zero Dark Thirty

Anything else worth watching?


Pirates II: Stagnettis Revenge

The DaVinci Load

The Devil Wears Nada

A movie that I’ve loved so much but not many people have seen it: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - it is AWESOME

Unusual Suspects - starts out slow, but totally worth it.

I like your movie style former.

Reacher was badass. Flight was good too.

Skyfall is SICK. Django is super tight also - want to catch zero dark thirty too.

The Master was funny. I liked it most out of the past year’s movies.

Liiked the music from Django



I rewatched Man from Earth recently. And a friend wants me to watch Zietgiest, so I can tell him what is wrong with it’s view of monetary policy. He is a total Zietgiest fan boy but dosen’t have a finance background, so I guess he wants me to vet it. So that is I guess what comes next.

I like the django PAC/James brown track.

You sir, have awesome taste in movies yes

Your American football season is over, but our real football (u guys call it soccer when the whole world it calling it football) is still ongoing mainly with the English Premier League and the Champions League.

Watched Zero Dark Thirty and The Impossible this weekend.

Liked them both except a few factual mistakes in ZDT. The Impossible is very good but very intense

Yeah, sundays feel empty now. Zero Dark Thirty too, but besides movies, I’d like to rewatch a couple of seasons of 24 before the next kickoff_._


I think it’s the Usual Suspects…anyway lots of good movies this year: argo, lincoln, are all best picture worthy. haven’t even seen pi, or django. another good movie to see is a french one called the intouchables…very good flick.

Any fans of The Wire here? I missed out while I was in the thick of my CFA studies. Just borrowed the box set from a friend and about do start season 1

I read several of Lee Child’s books about Jack Reacher when I was in high school - from what I can remember the narrative was very detailed and pretty entertaining, so I doubt it that they can easily compress this into a good movie. Plus, Jack Reacher is supposed to be 6’5’’ so the casting of Tom Cruise is baffling

Thanks man! You must as well, then :wink:

skyfall was different than the typical Bond movies, it dug deeper into the psyche of 007. I wonder what the next one will look like though

Movies bore me. Nothing beats good book

I never understood the casting of Tom Cruise in action movies. They will never convince us that he’s bad a$$.