What's quicker? Receiving your charter in the mail, or at the local society reception?

So I received an email from NYSSA inviting me to the reception on November 13th. Does anybody know if it quicker if you ask the CFAI to just send you your charter, or will you get it sooner if you go to your local CFA/Security analyst society reception? I dislike events like these. Speeches, bad food, etc. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I receive a Noble Prize…oh, wait a minute, no Noble Prize for me, I’m not Bleron. However, if CFAI sends out charters in December, January, February, I think I would rather go to the reception to pick up my charter.

Do they strip you off the Blackberry in these events?


Hmm… I didn’t get any email from NYSSA. Did anyone else (other than 88fiveo) get one? My application is still “under review” although work experience and everything else is pretty much ready to go (and I’m already an affiliate member of NYSSA). I even got my new business cards all printed up - just waiting to start using them.

I was told by CFAI that NYSSA will not be hosting a charter recognition event. I just moved from San Diego to NY and would like to attend this event. I am confused…

My mistake. I re-read the email. It’s a reception for everyone who passed Level 3, and not a reception where they present you with your charter. That decides it. No need to go.

Thanks for the correction. But I still want to go after all these years of hard working. My problem is I am in the process of transfering my local society from San Diego to New York, I am not sure whether they will send me an invitation.

Hmmm… I still didn’t get the invite, and I know I passed L3, and I’m a member. I wonder who doesn’t like me over there. They’re always smiling, so I don’t know who it can be. :wink: