Whats the 5 year investment plan

im just curious what yall suckas are planning in the medium term.

Buy into my investment club I’m starting.


TQQQ or bust

lol tqqq at these prices. props to you ohai

ppl bin saying that since 2012 laden

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earnigns for tech did go up. but what if it didnt. hindsight is not foresight. use your insight and consider the risks

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yes im planning to draw on my 401k, please advise. tanks

UPRO and TMF with a sprinkle of EET. And a heavy dose of rental real estate


Stop it. I can only get so erect.

Can you imagine how much $$$$ we’re going to print during 2022 into our accounts??

I was looking at some old brokerage statements the other day and the prices I was trading SWKS and NEE for in college were $20 and $13 a share.

That was only like 8.5 years ago’ish.

And the cost basis on my AIG I bought back in 2009 was like $1.2!!

So, I guess in ten more years time, when PLTR is trading at $200… I’m going to be scratching my head so ■■■■■■■ hard as to why you guys decided not to buy any.

I’m bringing my friend circle with me on this one too. Even my brokest friend invested ten thousand in shares.