What's the age of consent in America?

I’m usually into “MILFS” and more experienced women but Kendall Jenner will be someone to watch out for in the next half decade.

Well connected, good looking, spunky personality…and did a decent job hosting the music awards last night. She doesn’t seem as annoying as the Kardashians. Not sure if I’m too late to the party, but she’s a good long term buy.


How about Ariel Winter or Sarah Hyland?

The 1st is too young and the second isn’t to my taste.

Someone not named Frankie S Arabia just told me that the Kardashians ratings is down 30%. It’s time to put the focus on Kendall.

is there a real point to that outfit, or is it just about showing the world you’re not wearing underwear.

Too young?


According to her wiki page, she designs and inspires a clothing line.

That outfits ridiculous, it’s not even sexy in my eyes.