Whats the best topic wise learning sequencing for CFA Level 2?

Would be grateful if someone could outline the best topic wise learning sequencing for CFA Level 2



I will start from harder topics

Harder topics for sure

Maybe start with a hard topic and alternate with a shorter and 'easier topic if you start studying early?

I don’t have strong thoughts on exact order since I don’t think it matters that much, but I do think alternating between your strong and weak subjects from level 1 is great for maintaining pace and avoiding burnout. Also not doing two large topics like FRA and equity consecutively since you get a good morale boost from finishing a topic.

I’d suggest alternating between the hard and the easier topics for you- so that you don’t lose self confidence all of a sudden!

I can tell you what I am doing. However, you decide how you would like to study.

I prefer to start with some easy Subjects like Portfolio Management and Alternative Investments and build up some consistency and momentum in the beginning of the study. Then I will move to Equity and Corporate Finance.

Then I will start FRA and Economics.

Then Derivatives and Quant.

Then Fixed Income and Ethics.

I also prefer to study 2 subjects in parallel for few days rather than just focussing on one subject continuously for few days, just to avoid monotony. Also, Ethics can be studied every now and then, but will definitely need to be revised well about 1-2 months before the exam.

I also plan to start some open book Mock exams early next year (2019) and then move on to Closed book and time bound Mock exams.

Portfolio management an easy subject? I think it is a toughest of all.

The point is just pick up a mix of easy and hard subjects to start with. Something that is easy for you might be hard for me and vice versa. I only shared the sequence I am following.

What I did is to read them in given order.

the first time I took level 2 I relied solely on Schweser for PM. Schweser does a great job overall for L2, but after taking L2 twice I think PM is too condensed in Schweser material. A lot of the concepts didn’t click until I actually went back and read the entire curriculum, took my own notes, etc. I then used Schweser as the final review for PM once I had a better grasp. It look me a fail on L2 to realize it, but going through the CFAI first I think is paramount. Just my 2 cents.

Absolutely. Thanks.