Whats the best way to memorize the material for the exam?

At this point, I’ve basically read almost all of the material through twice and taken notes on everything, so what I need to do is pound the material into my head over the next two months…so I had a few questions regarding that: 1. Should the End Of Chapter questions be my first priority? 2. Should I bother with Schweser Qbank? I heard it was a waste of time at L2 due to the vignette style of the actual exam as opposed to the format of Qbank questions. I do credit Qbank with my success at L1 though, so I’m unsure what to do. 3. Any other tips or tricks? Any guidance is much appreciated! So far, after reading all the material, some of the material is definitely challenging but there doesn’t seem to be that much that just conceptually makes no sense at all - I had heard horror stories of the difficulty of L2 and, don’t get me wrong, it’s much tougher then L1 but its not the exponential increase in complexity and difficulty I’d been expecting…how are you guys finding the material?

I’d go with a practice test if you’ve been through the material twice. Going back and doing all the EOC’s would get you some good practice, but I would think it would be alot just to find out which subjects you are weakest in. I think the best way to do that is with a practice test or two. that way you can find the subjects you need to firm up, go back and review those Readings/Study Sessions and only do those EOC’s. Then go back for another practice test and see where you improve/decline. Then rinse and repeat! You are in a good spot here to firm up your weak areas, just don’t make the mistake of slowing down just b/c you’ve gotten through the material. practice is the only way you’ll be able to catch the tricky questions in the test.

Also even though I initially thought I wasted money on QBank, now I have started using Qbank along with CFAI EOC to help me more fluent in formulas and concepts. Also several readings in CFAI texts do not have any item sets. Qbank can help firm up concepts on those readings as well.

osmosis while sleeping I personally like the textbook under pillow technique. But this technique works too: http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?12,1119797,1119797

I make my own cheat sheet of formulas to study on the way to work. Staring at it long enough for L1 made the formulas second nature to me.

Some great advice here, but just to reiterate: Pound out as many questions as you can.

practice questions everyday and pray god :slight_smile:

tape notecards on the back of your girlfriends head…that’ll kill two birds with one stone ya know

… retire the Qbank…EOC questions all the way…and most of all keep your confidence in check. Last year I had the same impression too … none of the material was conceptually difficult but only to have my a$$ handed to me on exam day.

QBank is a good starter. But you need to cut the cord. Just try doing any of the EOC vignettes and you’ll be humbled.

This is what I have done for the clear memorization stuff: 1) I made a formula sheet when I finish a page I make a photo copy. 2) “White out” all of the answers to the formulas on the photo copy. 3) Make a bunch of copies of the “blank” formula sheet. 4) From memory fill in answers to formulas. 5) Make new sheet for next subjects. 6) Repeat. When I have a few minutes of open time I try to write out the answers to the formulas. For me by writing it out over and over again I find it works better than note cards. I also write down quite a bit of info on various impacts on ratios that I like to memorize. I find in the exam it is allot quicker to logic through an answer when you have allot of relationships memorized. There is not allot of time to think on the exam. At the moment I’m hitting the CFAI EOC’s and the Q-bank. In a few weeks I plan to move to the Schweser Practice test book and the CFAI Mock.