What's the best way to use Qbank?

So far i’ve been taking the LOS quizes at the end of each LOS, but i think this is probably too slow. Should i be doing the Reading quizes instead? Or simply creating tests per study session? Are they all based out of the same pool of questions? Any advice on the best way to utilize Qbank would be helpful. Thanks!!

anyone have any thoughts please? Thanks!

they belong to same pool… go for the study sessions wise … so u can be tested on more varieties…

With less than 3 weeks to go, make your own 60 question tests that hit all the areas per the CFAI curriculum. You can identify your weak areas, review, then repeat.

that’s probably a very good idea. Does Qbank have any functionality to identify weak areas?

btw only do to the advanced questions on qbank. the other ones are too easy…