Whats the date

Whats the date of the L2 results?

“Exam results are reported as “pass” or “fail” within 90 days (60 days for Level I) of the exam date.” https://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprogram/resources/takingexams/Pages/cfa_exam_results.aspx

Probably late August

Last year it was Aug 18th and if I recall correctly that was known as of the test date. Is that not the case this year? Do we just have to wait until they decide, or does someone have a date?

Yeah, I’d say late August. Just free your mind. Don’t think you can do it, know you can do it. That’s what Morphus says to Neo when they’re fighting in the simulated dojo. I just thought it was a little relevant here.

It’s “don’t think you are, know you are” or something like that lol

It’s August 20th.

in melboune it is, so maybe the 19 for the US!

NE Student…you sat your test at Moonee Ponds as well?

no I was in USA, Florida. im just saying with the time gap it could be diff, unless the cfai accounts for that…who knows they may make a mistake with scores and release them tomm!