what's the deal with doostang?

i see three threas going where people are asking for invites or whatever. there was another one a few weeks ago that was several pages long. do they pay you money? introduce you to women? i have zero idea why everyone apparently wants to be a part.

If you invite 20 people, you get access to view and apply to certain jobs.

Once you invite a certain amount of people, you are allowed to apply for the best jobs there. Basically the entire thing is a Ponzi scheme. It’s supposed to be a close-nit network of subscribers, but common sense tells you in a few years it’s going to be a network of everyone in the world looking for a job. They leave the same “top” job listings on the site to get more people to join. I’m really not sure why no one has banned these stupid invites yet.

That’s a pretty clever ponzi scheme. No wonder they are so pouplar. :stuck_out_tongue: