Whats the first thing you would do after.....

Whats the first thing you would do after you are done with the test tomorrow I plan on watching Indiana Jones

my gf is taking me out to dinner for an early birthday dinner. (that’s repetitive, but i don’t care because i only have numbers stuck in my head!) i’d like to watch indiana jones too, but maybe not tomorrow night.

I plan to crack open my level 2 books and get a headstart on next year’s exam.

kudos to you, invidious. i’m probably going to wait until monday.

victory cigarette?

I plan on getting drunk.

I wanna watch Indian jones too but first i will come home and watch french open tennis finals with out any books in my hand!


tears of relief or tears of pain? both?

probably more pain than tears. Shouldn’t you be sleeping zizou? I’m taking it in LA so it’s not even midnight here yet.

2AM in houston. finishing ethics.

Yeah, I am taking my quicksheet and Secret Sauce with me. Have to drive an hour and a half to the place, think I will get there super early and review in the car. Need either of em?

they would be handy, but at this point, i dunno if it’ll do any good, you know?

good point. If you decide to resit for December let me know and I can help you out :slight_smile:


Well good night everyone. And good luck once again!