What's the game plan for the final stretch for the exam?

I will do an exam each day! Review.

Before I go to bed, review cue cards and sweet sauce.

At work, work on topic tests!

Still going through the EOCs.

Then will do topic tests, then past papers till maybe 2008, then CFAI mocks for the same period.

I’m doing a past AM exam every weekend. I did 2009-2013. 2014 next weekend and 2015 the weekend after. I will be adding one half of the CFA mock exam to each 2014 and 2015 past AM to make two full 6 hour exams the next two weekends. EOC and topic tests during the week.

Good luck all, home stretch.

Let me get some of that sweet sauce.

Are you done with complete schweser 1st read? doing CFAI EOC? I just started schweser B5 today and this is my 1st read. I have taken off from work. What would you suggest me after finishing B5? I like to know your view as it seems you covered the material pretty quickly. I am thinking of doing schweser BB and EOC of all the books as a revision and then just do AM mocks as I dont think I would be able to do CFAI EOCs or topic tests.

I’m a band 9 retaker. Crushed the afternoon session but my knowledge wasn’t strong enough to accurately recite info on the morning exam. I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t study hard enough the first time around, but the morning exam tested material that I wasn’t expecting to be tested on. Here’s my study plan because I want to NEVER have to care about. I have two weeks off before the exam, so that should equate to about 150+ hours to cram.

  1. I have done the morning exams from 2006-2015. Plan on retaking all of these again. 2) Done all the Schweser mocks. Don’t plan on retaking these but I will certainly review. 3) Will be re-doing all the CFA PM mocks from 2012-2016. 4) I have about 1000+ flash cards, crafted from incorrect exam questions and studying. My ultimate goal is to have every single one memorized by the time of exam day. Might be overkill but I would rather know too much that too little.

Almost feel like i’ve run out of material to go through but I think as long as i’m improving and retaining I should be fine.

Going though the course one more time (till Sunday).Taken the next 2 weeks off from work. Will solve past AMs and ll do mocks. Read all of ethics from curriculum. And hope for it to all get over.

i have finished cfai read with very slow pace n bcz of lack of time am taking too much time in revising again all thz stuff, as a result am not able to do sufficient practice for past AM/Pm mocks. i am getting afraid of this …that by 1-2 june could not able to do revise it again with mocks.

Pls help, how should i plan. Should i just focus on questions without giving a full read of readings?

Help in this regards would be appreciated.

Please let me know how should i tackle this. i dont want to take any chance.

In my humble opinion, the focus from now until exam time should be mocks. Write one, grade it critically, review to make sure not to make the same mistakes again. Repeat.

I think it’s important to actually practice the exam writing process for the AM section, not just focus on the content. Many people will be pushed for time and some will run out of time. Knowing the answers won’t help much if you can’t get them on paper within the allotted 3 hours.


I ran out of time when I wrote the AM session last year. It’s a different animal from multiple choice. Knowing how to answer in a timely manner is something that only practice can teach you.

Thanks for ur quick reply banjo and dpack.

@Dpack would u tell me what issues u faced last time,?

u knew the material well but u didn’t attempt the question in well structured format…?? am right… is this bcz lack of writing practice?

Yea, but skimmed through GIPS in a couple of hours, and haven’t gone through Ethics, will only do the EOC for that.

CFAI EOCs are far more important, the topic tests are pretty important as well. Then do 75% AM past exams/mocks and 25% PM.

I haven’t taken notes, planning on reviewing the material through Q&As. I only studied about 100-150 hours so far and I’m off from work till the exam. Hope it’s enough.

Poor time management. Can’t begin to stress how important it is staying within the allocated time for each question. With multiple choice you circle your best guess and double back to it later, not quite as forgiving on the morning part.

Being able to clearly articulate your point in short form or bullet points is tough, but it has to be done. I didn’t get enough practice writing mocks in a properly simulated environment the first run through.

Nothing in the 2015 morning exam was really hard or “tricky”. Work on constructing your answers both quickly and effectively and it will pay dividends on exam day.

Already read through the CFA books twice and done chapter outlines for each reading. Done all the EOC. Currently working through the Topic Tests. Will have them all done by Sunday. Write my first mock that day and just do mocks every other day until exam.

I’m curious, where did you get those CFA PM mocks from 2012? Most of us only have for 2016.