whats the historical pass rate for Analyst Forum members

I’d be willing to bet significantly higher than 50%.

there are some cats out here who I cant see flunking this.

I hope it is above 60% :slight_smile:

I hope it is in relation with your AF points :slight_smile:

0-20 +1% chance

20-80 + 3%

80-150 + 4%

150+ + 5%

go to the official score threads and grab it

Well according to schweser practice exams, everyone gets > 70%

that magician dude can probably pass it in his sleep.

does anyone think the schweser averages are accurate? I took the mock exam on may 18 and the average on the mock was 65% and that was only with 200people. Now the site says many more have taken it and the afternoon is still at 65%. Has not moved at all. I don’t think the averages move.

its a normal distribution given the sample size. I took the exam on the same date and have been tracking the average since then now there is like 1300 and still the same.


(I took a final exam in vector analysis the morning of the day I got married. I can recall vividly walking across campus toward the math building, and I can recall vividly walking across campus from the math building, but I cannot recall anything that happened in between. Presumably I took the exam, and passed, because I got an “A” in the class. I generally fell asleep during the lectures (it was in a warm classroom just after lunch), and the professor said that I learned more while I was sleeping in class than the others did while they were awake.)

big numbers law means that you converge at a population mean when you have a sample size of 30. so 200 and 5000 doesnt change much on the average