What's the level III pass rate for 2/2 candidates?

Do you know anyone who passed level I and II on their first attempt and then failed III? Just wondering how much better my chances are having gone 2/2.

Of course the biggest enemy is complacency, i.e. I have to believe I will fail to pass.

Slate is clean. Better go hard or you’ll be back in 2016.

^ Good advice

One of my friend passed level 1 and 2 on her first attempt and then failed level 3 for 2 times so far. No she is giving it a break to reconsider the program. haizz

What is “haizz”?

^Check with a colleague and she said it means “sigh” :)).

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King of the humblebrags over here.

it’s probably alot higher because those ppl who pass on their first tries are probably better at test taking in terms of prep skills or better memory retention abilities.

Doesn’t really matter how you did previously as long as you end up in the same spot which is a L3 candidate. Having said that, I do believe the methods you inculcated to study for L2 will be an aid but still start studying as soon as you can. It’s the last level, after L3 all you have left is satisfying and getting approved your work experience and you will be a charterholder. Why not push yourself just a little harder if you know what lies beyond L3? My 2C.

I’m still deciding whether I want to take L3 in 2015 or 2016 because my work experience requirement won’t even be satisifed until December 2016 but most likely just get it over with in 2015. Best of luck Lea124 in your L3 journey : ).