What's the longest you have waited..........

What is the longest amount of time you have waited between first interview and actually starting work?? If it was really long, was it worth the wait?

first interview in july…second in nov… started folowing july was when in college so bias.

First interview April 2007 - started work September 4th. I did however tell them, I wanted the summer to exercise my liver and lower my handicap.

hey Turkish where in Canada are you from?

First interview in November. Job started in October. Definitely worth it as I spent the time in SE Asia, but that is a personal choice.

Ok thanks guys!! 1st for me was early June, confirmed that i will be getting a 3rd and waiting for the date. So it’s been nealry 3 months already for me and I thought it was way too long but according to some of you guys, it seems normal! Keep in mind that I currently am not working, so the wait makes it that much harder ( especially financially!)


turkish, what type of firm do you work for? large/small/boutique?