what's the meaning of GNME?

In which of the following cases would Monte Carlo simulation NOT be needed? Payoff of a: A) European option. B) roulette wheel. C) GNME. D) convertible bond with a call feature. ??

I think they mean GNMA, but I could come up with some answers I would find humorous if you want.

where is this Q from? Don’t they give you explanation and correct answer? I google GNME, didn’t find anything related.

i got stuck on this q too… had no clue what gnme was.

Ginnie May backed mortgage

It doesn’t matter. The answer is roulette.

it’s a bad question. you can estimate price of a european call without MC simulation.

The question should be something like “In which is it the least useful or something?”. Even then, there are all kinds of pretty hard questions about series of bets in roulette (see that book “How to Gamble if You Must”).