Whats the plan for the next 72 hours?

Yesterday Read through the Schweser 3 day seminar books cover to cover Today Reading through the Schweser 2 day problem solving notes and questions again One hour review of the quick sheet for kicks Tomorrow AM reread the 7 or so section in the CFAI book that I identified as weak areas Time Series Econ Growth Theories FSA Synthesis Hedge Funds…new topic not don’t think Schweser did a great job here. CDO’s…again (and this has been a hot topic in the industry lately). Swaps/FRAs PM (making sure I don’t miss anything after hearing the TB horror stories). Mock Exam 2 Friday Secret Sauce Schweser Quick Sheet Saturday Arrive at test center by 6:45, review quick sheet. Lunch Break. Depending on how the morning goes…maybe a 15 minute scan of the quick sheet (if I can find a parking space and get back to my car).

deacceleration and eventual stop begginning friday at 5pm and 9pm respectively lunch time in between exam am and pm will be spent with my new pack of ciggerettes from asia. these babies are sweet

Take another practice exam today and answer questions in Q-bank in weak areas. Review Secret Sauce Pray like hell that derivatives isn’t more than 10% of the exam.

agree with you…I normally stop around 8pm…and make sure we get sleep Friday night to make sure we don’t give up stupid points. Enjoy those Cigs aladak

ironicallyy, derivatives is my strongest 100% on both mocks so im praying its >10%

Kind of weird with me…Options are my strongest but Swaps are my weakest…so if I get 90% of the options right and 50% of the swaps right…should be ok…I understand enough about the swaps to always give myself a 50/50 shot (i.e. knowing if you are paying or receiving). I am thinking it would be 10%…not 5% (too much material)

Calling Schweser to buy more servers, thats what I’ll be doing.

Mock 1 tonight Then we’ll see from there

I’m getting nervous. I’ve decided to take off tomorrow and friday. Tomorrow, I’m reading the ethics handbook in its entirety (no Schweser shortcuts) and hammering out the adjustments for FSA. Friday is dedicated to reviewing my notecards and Schweser’s quicksheet in front of the tele or in my backyard. No major studing but I want to keep formulas and unusual wording fresh. I’ll quit by 1pm and I’ll hope to be in bed by 8pm.

Nova_cfa…I am assuming you are from Northern Virginia…if so are you taking the test at the DC Convention Center…I drove down this morning…parking looks like it could be a mess…there are a couple unpaved lots or hotel valets…

do you know all the formulae… My mind is blank

Jason, Yes sireee… Northern VA. The Dulles Expo gets jammed fast. My suggestion is to reverse park (so you can exit quickly and park near the back of the parking lot to excape (near the other building). Food selection is limited to Chick-fila, a BBQ place and deli in the connecting shopping area. I highly recommend bringing you lunch to avoid the stress of driving, parking, waiting in line, and making sure you make it back in time.

Wonder2008, I think most of the formulas are just reiterations of the same concept in most cases. I tried to understand the logic of the body of work and the formula usually presents itself to me. I don’t have a good memory for straight up formula. The stress of Test Day, make me forget those type of things.

Right now I’m going through SS by SS. Step 1, review the slides on the SS in the 3-Day Schweser book Step 2, read the CFAI reading summaries at the end of each reading and do 2006 exam problems if they have them for that reading (and I hadn’t already done them). Step 3, read the Schweser end of reading summaries and do the SS Self Test (I had previously done concept checkers/challenge problems). If I stumble upon a reading that seems worthy of re-reading I’m making note of it. I’m hoping to finish most of the SS today using the above approach. Tomorrow I’m going to spend on FSA & PM, as they both deserve some more of my attention (FSA so I don’t lose anything I learned and PM because it is still my weakest link). Quick reviews of notecards when I have time, but I’m not going to start any new mocks and thankfully I’ve already reviewed the ones I have taken.

asswhipes cant give us letter answers friggen pisses me off! i get 2/6 on quant in mock 1 but i cant remember which ones i chose ass balls

NOVACFA. check your ticket…they moved the DC testing site from the Dulles Expo center to the Downtown Washington DC convention center. I had booked a room at the Holiday Inn there and realized the change when they made the announcement

Freak. Thanks. You may have saved my butt.