what's the plan?

outside of taking practice tests, what are you guys doing in the last few weeks? i’m trying to figure out what i need to do to drive it home going into 6/7? qbank? flashcards? going back and reading sections you’re not that comfortable with? i need help!

I have been doing a 60 question qbank exam a day Monday thru Thursday… With about 3 additional hours of studying various SS Starting tonight (fridays) I plan on working the CFA practice exams Saturdays and Sundays I plan on working the Mock exams along with the Book 6 exams… Hopefully I will be ready come 6/7…

you dont like book 7?

nice. that’ basically what i’ve been doing as well. a ton of questions and mock tests. i just worry that i’m not reviewing stuff enough and limiting myself to stuff covered in the tests. i’m probably just going into the usual paranoia going into the test. there is just SO MUCH SH*T!! i also read the secret sauce and review flashcards in between questions.

think book 7 may be ok this year. plan to do one this weekend.

yeah there is a ton of stuff… keep up the hard work for the next 3 weeks and Im sure (hope) we will be ok!

paullllly Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > you dont like book 7? I may try one exam out of there this year… I think more importantly everybody should do ALL the CFAI practice exams (no matter what the costs)… I did all 5 practice exams for lvl 1 and there was sooo much overlap…helped out a ton!