What's the progress in studies so far?

I’ll disagree with Flashback on this. Everyone approaches the exam differently, but the fear of burnout is real and can not be understated. I started my L3 studies on Feb 1 and was beyond exhaustion / lacking motivation at the end. Plan to leave the last 60 days for mocks (always do them under timed conditions), TT questions, and final touch-up / review. Tread carefully (and carry a big calculator).

different strokes for different folks. I tend to agree with you though. Anything we read and do right now is basically just a bonus.

There . . . that makes more sense.

Haha suckers! (But seriously do start soon and good luck!)

We can officially start tomorrow. The only task at hand is getting lit tonight and partying.

If you can start studying for CFA the day after nye, you went to the wrong party

Momma ain’t raise no b!tch

Happy new year to everyone. Hope its going to be a great year for us all. Have not started studying for L3 yet. looking at the next 1-2 weeks to begin.

I plan to start this Saturday, January 5th. I started the Saturday after NY last year for level two, studied 15 hours a week, (with one week off for spring break) and finished the materials at the end of April, which provided ample time for mocks and review. Likely peaked two weeks early, which is perfect since the test date is one week earlier this year. Basically tried to stay 3 weeks ahead of the Kaplan online classes and used those as a refresher.

Burn-out is real IMHO

I have just started for Level 3 on January 2 2019. Is it really too late?

Please give your comment and any suggestion.

There are a lot of people who don’t start studying until this point, so no it isn’t too late.

Starting today also. Keep in mind, a lot of people talking on this forum tend to over prepare. I’m on the 18 months track as well and this is the earliest I’ve started studying of the 3 exams by far. Everyone has their own path honestly… good luck to everyone.

This is a valid point. Starting early increases your chances of passing and this is the reason why I started early. I simply do not want to re-do any exam again because it would be more time consuming doing one level twice than starting early and passing on first attempt.

But I am pretty sure I could have passed both L1 and L2 with less time spent studying, it was just not worth the risk for me due to the above mentioned reason.

Good luck to everyone!

I started studying early but had to go back to refresh fixed income concepts (passed L2 in 2017), and that took away some time. So plan for callbacks as well, just sayin.

I started the Schweser Notes in First week of December, and finished them all with the schweser practice quetsions by new years eve. Now I’m going into the actual CFA text and doing the blue box and eoc questions. Making good progress and on book #4 equites section right now. The CFA text is a lot harder to understand on most the material lol. Just spent a good few hours on example # 5 on reading 24 of FI. wow what a mind bender.

Material seems very familiar to level 2 and much more of a continuation from L2 to L3, versus L1 to L2. The breath is pretty amazing.

Just do the online classes and do a million practice questions tests etc you will be golden

Started on Monday. About 100 pages into the material.

Some of the opened ended questions are so freakin difficult… not because of the material but just trying to understand what they’re asking because it’s so open ended… I hope the actual exam will be more specific in the questions.

“Compare and contrast the knowledge requirement of manager A to manager B”… such as BS question.