What's the progress in studies so far?

Please post your progress and the strategy that you are going to follow in next 5 months.

Bad. I’m like 400 pages below budget.

My strategy is to have 100 days of review / practice / mocks.

Panning to finish by mid March , behind as well , but if i need a couple of extra weeks it should be ok .

Guys–has the actual L3 exam from 2018 been posted to the CFAI site yet?

Im way ahead of schedule. Ive gone through books 2,3,4 and 5. Ethics and GIPS i’m leaving for spring.

finished book 4, almost done with book 5 (on risk management now). will finish that up this week and start with behavioral on sunday, which i am not looking forward to at all

Not yet. I checked this morning.

I’m behind schedule and I don’t even have to take the exam.

Build those bombs dude - putin needs an ass kicking.

Well . . . first, they’re not bombs; they’re warheads. Second, I didn’t build them; I designed them. (I did work in the machine shop on occasion making prototype parts, but that’s not really building the finished product.)

Thank you…

Just starting book 2. Will finish it not later than January 8.

On track on finishing the curriculum (less ethics) + EOCs by mid-feb.

Then, it will be just review, review, review (re-do BBs, EOCs, MM quizzes and CFAI questions) and as many mocks as possible.

It always amazes me how early people here start studying, let alone finishing up the entire reading material early in the game. However, unlike most people here I tend to read each book at least 2 times while those that are harder for me I read 3 times.

Right now I got 40 hours of studying and I have gone through book 2 of Schweser and am 60% into book 3. Pretty sure I am not behind and I base this on two facts:

  1. I am doing the 18 months track. For L1 and L2, I started doing first EOCs about 1.5months before the exam. Did L1 in almost 90th percentile while L2 was about 30% of room above passing grade score and 90th percentile.

  2. Right now I am ahead of L2 in the terms of hours put in (by about 40 hours), I am not tired from L1 and there is quite amount of overlap with L1 and L2, except the exam will be more integrated. Also, in terms of pages L3 is smaller than L2, meaning I will have more time for problems and chapter integration.

I wrote this post mostly for myself because every time I read posts here I get a little nervous because it feels like I am way behind.

Reading 33 was fun. I was able to finish by the time my mom finished making breakfast.

Holiday studies = check

now we getting lit at brunch boyos

Does your mom do your laundry too?

Why you have to be mad?

I sat on the couch while my mom made me breakfast this morning so now here I am at 1am Christmas day making sure I get the readings done that I need to.

Behind schedule on eating good “jamón ibérico” on Christmas while enjoying Spain. Chilling and praising God for not having to take the exam again.

All of you who have started before NY date have significant chances to pass in my opinion. No one is behind the schedule. Good luck girls and boyz!