What's the verdict Frank?

I guess she’s “band 10 fail” on HCB. There’s no doubt about the H and the B part. She passes there.

As for C, I didn’t really see enough to make a decision either way. I didn’t see her demonstrate it in the interview, because classy people don’t self-promote, they promote what they stand for rather than promoting their self directly. But that doesn’t mean class couldn’t be there. And if bromion’s right about her buying the spot to pump up her celeb status, then that is not really a classy move.

My sense is that she could be classy, but just didn’t show it there. However, a true classy woman cannot help but ooze class in spite of herself.

She’s young though, and she could very well get there with time and training.

I must admit that I feel a little uncomfortable and unclassy just rating women in public on their appearence and behavior, but I confess it is quite fun and somewhat alleviating, because the effect of a beautiful woman on a man is very real, and it can feel very stifiling for a man to sit there and have to pretend that there is no such effect. It’s sort of the male equivalent of needing to talk about our feelings.

That’s a great point. It seems like every time I go to a meeting with an investment bank, the bank always has the token hot chick in attendance. She doesn’t say much (or anything), but it’s really distracting. And when I say hot, I mean you should see some of the epic hotties that firms like Goldman Sachs employ in Asia. Sweet jesus. Do you look? Do you not look? Do you pretend like it’s not even an issue? Even just pretending becomes awkward. It’s kind of a lose / lose no matter how much fun it is.

so we agree…potential but not yet at the moment a HCB…we will keep an eye out on her…i would personally like to see her views on the European situation…

She is not the best looking JPM IB analyst. I can say that, one on my facebook friends is better.

Palantir, have you been hitting on this facebook friend?