What's the verdict Frank?


undecided at the moment…definitely hot…but i’m not impressed tbh…i think CFAvsMBA tap that…

“because there was a huge respect for my skills and what I was able to do”

Well, I definitely appreciate her “skills”…

you think she slept with someone on the job?

I do like the Wonder Woman t-shirt she’s wearing.

And she does “self-manage herself.”

And she does like all the right slogans.

When I was in my second year or so at my current job, our hot tall blonde intern hooked up with some office guy (he was like 35 or so). She was one of about 3/10 of the interns that did not get full time job offers. I have a feeling that there was more to that story than what I was told.

she seems like she is very self serving…she would not be easy to work with…i definitely wouldn’t want to be team members with her…yes, her beauty intimadates me…and the implicit rejection i get everyday would crush my confidence leaking to other areas of my life…

She looks hotter in other pictures around the web versus this video. But more to the point, why does this video even exist? She has an interview about her internship? I mean, what the fug. Who cares. I’ve seen some videos like this from up and comers in finance (not hot chicks) and I think it just makes you look like a tool if you do this. Congratulations, you have a college degree and worked as an intern for a couple of months.

I couldn’t put my finger on what was bothering me about this. But you’re right. That’s it. It’s an interview about “what’s it like being a really attractive woman who got an internship at JPM.” And she says, “well, it was great; it was much better than Cats, I would see it again and again and again.” “And dreams really do come true” “And I self-manage myself.”

Now, I’m reasonably confident that she is an intelligent woman who happens also to be very easy on the eyes, but c’mon, this is newsworthy? Is it that unusual to have a pretty woman who is smart? There’s nothing wrong with her, but what is driving that decision to use expensive air time this way. What’s the point??

The point is that there are tons of incredibly shallow people in this industry, so we need to dress up an interview as “look at this up and comer,” when it’s really “hey look, dude, a hot intern!” And I read Playboy for the articles, too.

I can’t really prove this, but have the idea that you can take the headline number that famous “celebutants” (or whatever the term is) make and divide it by 5 or 10 to get to some kind of gross profit number. In other words, you gotta pay to play. The interview exists because she has handlers that made the calls for her to get her set up. She’s trying to break into fame / leverage her modeling career. Same thing for someone like Kim K – she’s on the cover of US Weekly every other week (I only look at the pictures, I swear) because she has a PR team backing her that pays the magazine to put her on the cover. She’s famous because she’s famous, but that takes a lot of dollars. The other one is Kate Gosling or whatever her name is – she had a nice run a couple of years ago and she must have paid a fortune to manufacture that fame.

The intent of the Xenia video is to show how hot and amazingly intelligent she is (and the interviewer was prepped for that by giving her a hell of an intro), but at the end of the day I think it really communicates the opposite message – this cheesy interview is the best that this hot and intelligent woman could get even though she’s probably paying for that opportunity (by paying an agent to set her up)? It’s kind of sad, actually. She’s under performing.

She was valued for her skills? The only skill she brings is to distract clients and flirt so the MDs can hopefully land the deal

i don’t see how she is so intelligent…she acts as if her internship is some sort of amazing thing that nobody can do…lets face it…this story is only interesting cause she is hot and happens to have worked at a bank doing god knows what.

its official, she is NOT a HCB.

She speaks 5 languages and graduated college. That puts her in the top 1% of intelligence for HCBs (which, granted, may be a fairly low bar).

5 languages is very impressive…but i heard her speak english and wasn’t impressed with what she had to say…no evidence she is top 1% by any means…i’m not sure, but an average front office finance job pays more than an average modelling job (i heard modelling is actually quite low paying unless you get signed to one of the big fashion houses which is relegated to the best in models). My guess is that her self serving attitude will turn off a lot of pornographers.

Isn’t that basically every intern at an investment bank?

Well, she’s Swiss, so in school she had French, Swiss-German, Italian, and English. Probably she speaks Russian too, coming from a Russian family.

It’s impressive compared to most Americans, but it’s not really all that impressive for someone from Switzerland. My aunt grew up there and also speaks at least 5 languages, as do most of my cousins.

Bchad…do you second my vote for not HCB or do you want to file for motion?

She doesn’t satisfy the classy

You guys are nuts. Do a Google image search. She looks extremely classy. Her approach is a bit tacky, that’s true, but she is still in the top 1% of women (gorgeous + 5 languages + college educated). That alone makes her a HCB. No doubt some rich dude will try to put a ring on it at some point. She should stop wasting time with finance though and try to get more involved with modeling. Unless of course the only reason she is in finance is to try to find a rich dude to put a ring on it.

my little grasshopper, if you can simply fill in a few boxes to see if a women is a HCB, then there is no need for a qualitative definition…and certainly no need for a ruling…