Whats up everyone

I just got my books a yesterday and started studying last night. I started with Quantitative Methods and it is pretty tough. I have been out of college for a couple years and I have my series 7, 63, and 65 but that was over a year ago so I havent studied for a while. How does this section relate in difficulty to the rest? Thanks for the responses and Im sure I will be back with more questions:)

Thats the easiest… lol

It depends on your background.

That’s great you have all those series tests passed, but the CFA is a completely different animal. I think section 2 is the hardest, so i hear, then comes 1, then 3. i am basing this on pass rates with 1 and 2 historically being the lowest and 3 being the highest. I would make sure you spend a lot of time on ethics…all that stuff you’re learning in quant using the fnc’l calculator wasn’t tested too much last exam…just an FYI, though the stats stuff was. I think everyone on the forum now is anxiously awaiting the results which come out tomorrow…good luck studying. I’d recommend taking a Mock exam too…actually pay the $$ to go to a review where you spend the whole morning taking a simulated test. That way you WILL actually do it and it is a great prep tool. I don’t know if i passed, but i finished did both the AM and PM sections having answered every question I could have answered as best i could, and also spending some good time on the questions i wasn’t sure of…again, answering each ? with thought involved in the answer. I attribute that to taking the mock exam (as well as studying).

I agree with ttouchst. I also have my 7 and 66 and I think the first part of quant is easy with the TVM stuff. But academically speaking, prob and stats have always been a weaker subject for me. Economics and FSA may be a little hairy for you since you’ve been out of school for a few years. The fact that you’re a licensed adviser makes me think your easiest sections will be the Equity Investments, Fixed Income, Derivatives, and Alternative Investments sections which make up about 30% of the exam.

Hey congratulations to everyone who passed. Just getting started I am looking forward to today a few months from now. I scrapped Quant for the time being and started Econ last night. Wow that is a lot easier and actually enjoyable. Quant is going to be a tough subject for me.