Whats ur plan ?

whats everyone’s plan for the next 3 weeks? I start with mock exams tomorrow. in the next two weeks just plan to do questions questions and more questions… all of schweser mocks + past years’ papers. . and then leave the last week to brush up the weak areas whats ur plan?

exactly the same, really. First mock this weekend, and that will be the drill until June 7. Once I have re-read GIPS and Asset Manager Code, I’m ready for it. I would say that I now understand every detail in the Schweser books (anything unclear from Schweser, I covered in the background). It should now just be case of hammering home the concepts. Plenty still to memorise, but I think I have done much of the hard work. I am expecting something of an S-curve with the marks, so I will try not to freak out over the first score…

I start with the practice exams tomorrow as well … however i have yet to read Ethics .

i’ve given up thinking that studying ethics more gets you a better score. I read it a day or two before the exam and hope that i just happen to remember the answer to some obscure question they ask on the actual exam. i’ve gotten at least a couple more questions a year right (than i would if i didn’t read it immediately before hte exam) on ethics following this strategy. any reason why people are taking hte mock immediately rather than later? does it matter?

Long weekend for me this weekend, so I have to go through books 4 and 5 (Schweser), make the last of my flashcards. After that basically the same as most here. Have yet to really do much with Ethics. Starting Tuesday do as many practice exams as I can until the Sunday before the exam, then take the last few days to hit my weak spots and get them down, plus hit my flashcards hard in the last week and get them memorized as best I can. We’ve put in a lot of work to this point. Hope it all comes together for us over the next 3 weeks.