Whats wrong with chinese stocks?

earnings look great everytime. but they all sucking. what givesssss

Nationalization risk penalty.


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lol im starting to think that. anyawys i’ll hold on to my chinese holdings. they’ll serve as a reminder. to never trust the chinese.

Mebbe the same thing that’s causing the buildings to shake. :scream:

I never trust chinese holdings.

Financial imperialism, America is still in the desperate mode of trying to control everything on the planet and stop investment in China.

I invested in China. About 20k. And they underperformed the us stock market despite growing profits and a stronger economy. Shows that people just don’t trust China except after whatv they did to ma brother jack

U.S. does not trust China so there’s a ton of negative press. I haven’t looked into it myself but if you’re investing in China I’ll guess you’ll need a fat premium like +10% expected return.

What companies are you invested in btw? I think China sounds like a good move but you might be 10-15 years too early…

lol baba and tencent. i was thinking of buying some chinese education stocks. they have cratered due to regulation. but im not really expecting a fat premium in returns. i just see it as the best place to invest given the growth of their economy, how they handled covid, and the types of companies over there. with that said, despite growing profits, prices have taken a hit since everyone kinda sketched out. anyways those reasons are prolly why i overcame my home bias. that and i just admire the heck out of the chinese overall though i hate them…
a very important thing to remember though is despite rampant increase in china’s economy in the last 50 years. chinese companies have not really generated great returns when compared to the us. the us ,with its middling economic growth, on the other hand, has created tier 1 stock market returns.

bought a bunch of china ETFs at the recent bottom

I own a 2x international etf that has a fair amount of china stock