What's wrong with my eyes?

I went to Hunger Games, which is a chick flick by the way just to warn you. I’ve been staring at a computer screen a lot lately thanks to work.

This movie was just about unwatchable for me because of all the bouncing around the camera did. My eyes really couldn’t seem to focus properly on the screen or any of the movement. I’ve noticed this a bit more and more lately but today it bothered me enough to actually think about asking you guys, who probably also spend a lot of time staring at screens and reading minutia.

Anyone experience anything like this?

In the beginning of the movie, they were trying to be all gritty and realistic, which I guess means they cannot use tripods. It gets less shaky as the movie goes on though.

I think this franchise strikes a good balance between the chick flick elements and killing people. The main draw is the female angst (the love triangle apparently is more important in books 2 and 3). However, there is sufficient killing of people that most guys will not mind seeing the movie.

Haven’t seen the movie, but eye strain is not that uncommon in the industry. Take a break and make sure you are getting enough sleep and it will probably correct quickly.

try to take a week and not look at computers outside of work. Get lots of rest. If you’re not actively working on something walk away from your computer at work and go talk to people or something for a week. See if any of that helps.

For a while a couple weeks ago my eye kept twitching and I couldn’t control it. I think it was simply from staring at my computer for 55 hrs a week for 6 weeks in a row at work. More or less went away when time at the computer went down

Yeah, I get the eye twitchy thing too. That’s stress, not enough sleep, and too much time reading. Pretty annoying. It means you need to take a break.

i need to take a break…

You need to play games like QuakeLive and Unreal Tournament. That will teach you how to follow stuff around and not be dizzy and notice sh1t with corner of your eye


This reminds me of the original Counterstrike, when the AWP sniper rifle was so powerful that people just ran around using it as a shotgun. To fix this, the game designers removed the crosshair so you could no longer aim the AWP if not in zoom mode. In response, some AWP players started to aim with the corner of the screen. That is, they would practice lining up the target in the corner of their screen, and then “whip” the mouse to center the screen on the target. That was the Renaissance of multiplayer FPS. Nowadays, games tend to be slow paced, due to the popularity of game consoles whose controllers are far less precise than a mouse.


Twitch kills are always more luck than skill, proper skill is to use strafing and strafe running to align target with cross hir

Sounds like someone needs to join Comp_sci_kid and myself in playing TF2. Get some.

You don’t need to strafe-align with a mouse. That’s more of a controller tactic. Actually, in the Counterstrike era, people would be bunny hopping whenever they get close to an enemy. That way, you get shot in the legs, not the head or torso.

Strafe align get a precise shot. You shot straight aline and then twitch to target. The better you strafe align the more chance you will hit the target, and i am not talking about hitting big target i am talking about 20x20 pixel head moving with decent speed across the screen. Nobody cares about body shots

I loved unreal tournament I think it was UT 2004 and it was great online. A few years ago i got the latest release and it sucked

I played a lot of original Quake back around 1998 (I think that was the year). Good stuff. Then I discovered chicks. I know for certain which point in my life was happier.

Thanks, the movie did use that borne identiy technique to death but I also think it has something to do with work.


unreal tournament was tons of fun. A lot of good LAN party memories… CTF was hours of fun

speaking of unreal tournament, UT fans will enjoy this clip. Watch to the end, trust me.


UT was rigged. Sniper rifle was waaaay overpowered. Watch Gitzzz in WCG owning everyone on Deck 16 map. UT 2003/2004 was hit scan paradise. If you don’t know how to use LG/Shock primary exclusively, you pretty much have no chance. UT3 is a lot more balanced and i like it a lot, but it never took off.