What's your approach after a mock

It’s a saturday, you just got done with a mock. You walk through all the questions and learn from your mistakes. What does everyone do after this?

I review flashcards.

Haven’t graded mine yet, but seems to have been a little easier on me than I expected. Approach won’t change much: keep hammering out practice exams. Regardless of how I did, I at least realized a few spots on the Mock that I got points where I would not have a few weeks ago… As long as I see some progress.

The Mock is nice… everyone seems to get a case of the “eff its” in the afternoon and nice and relaxed. Whereas, the day of the real thing, I’d make coffee nervous.

I don’t smoke and think it’s gross, but sometimes I get the sudden urge to visit Marlboro country and having a smoke after a mock. Just feels like the thing to do when you’re done, particularly after two CFA AM mocks.

After six hours of a mock exam, I’ll normally grade it and then I’m toast. I tend to have a hard time studying beyond the 6-7 hour mark b/c I’m normally running on fumes by then and I feel my time is better spent doing something modestly enjoyable for the sake of my sanity.

At Level I and Level II, I’d review the things I missed but I feel like it’s less useful at Level III b/c each exam is quite different. I review the IPS stuff hard and look for trends year-to-year and note the other stuff for later review, but most of my practice comes from the CFAI EOC and BB questions. Know and understand the ins-and-outs of the (many) major topics is the goal so you can quickly think on your feet when you get those curveballs on the AM session.

Drink heavily.

^ haha!

I grade it the following day, and then study on the areas which I missed. 6-hours is about my mental capacity (and tolerance) for CFA material.