What's your average working hours?

Not during busy season or end of the month, But generally on an average throughout the year how many hrs per day including lunch?

Are any of you still productive after 8 hrs or do you just rush through stuff beyond that point?

8 - 8.5, which includes 60 - 90 minutes for lunch.

12 hours a day - 11 at the office, 1 hour at home. Usually 3-5 hours on the weekend. So, all-in 60-65 hours a week.

Have a lot of flexibility though and am not punching the clock because I like what I do – I see it more as a lifestyle rather than a job. Sometimes I work more, sometimes I work less…just depends on my energy level and intellectual curiosity for the week.

8 hrs a day, somewhere from 7:30-5 with AF time in there. I’m at the office longer than 8 hrs but thats due to me wanting to avoid traffic, do CFA studying, or other personal stuff - not working.

Once CFA exam is done and summer is here I might start working more 8:30-6. I enjoy sleeping a bit longer and being awake later in summer.

I´m usually in the office at 7:30 am until 5:30 pm. As I don´t go out for lunch, I take sporadically a break of at most 30 minutes. Working hours can be longer for special events…


14 hrs a day + 5 hours on avg on weekends = 75wk

Usually 10-12 hours a day. I tend to disappear on the weekends and rarely look at emails. So far the world has kept turning without missing a beat.

8-4:30 including an hour workout over lunch. Nothing on the weekend.

I do about 50 hours a week with no lunch. Once in a while, I get the hot potato and have to come early/stay late.

anywhere from 9 - 12 hr days. Also take stuff home a lot to read, and if reading things like VIC/seeking alpha count that’s some more time every week.

all in all probably 55 - 65 hrs / week. Probably closer to 55 - 60.

8 to 9 hours a day at the office. Never more than 10. No weekends, but I do read financial news for fun that pertains to my job.

8 to 5, sometimes to 5:30. Hour lunch, which I usually eat there while I read news. No weekends.

12 hours a day which includes about 30 mins for lunch. I don’t have much to do over the weekend.

Same here.

8 -5:30 ish

I may quit soon to a lifestyle that provides more flexibility. ideally, i would love to work in a place where you are allowed to work whatever hours needed in order to complete the necessary tasks.

This makes it hard. My job is so seasonal, it’s hard NOT to differentiate between busy season vs. offseason.

Overall, I probably work 45-50 hours a week.

I think an entrepreneur works 24*7 during early days of his start up…Am i correct??

^Well, you have to sleep sometime.

I think even in their sleep ,entrepreneurs are busy dreaming about new ideas,innovative strategies…etc…etc…