Whats your biggest individual stock position

FB for me. About 25k.

Apple has grown to about 7% of my portfolio, and AMZN isn’t far behind at about 6%. I have ~45% of my money in various index funds, but with tech >20% of S&P 500 index and my other holdings, I’m pretty heavily weighted in tech, so if there’s a 2000-style tech crash I’ll be swimming in digital blood.

Can’t wait to see how “Mr. Comma” @CEO10K-DAY responds, I’m sure we’ll all be impressed.

PLTR leaps are my biggest individual.

@Marlowe - nah bro I’m sweet


Always good to come across a fellow Crypto investor. :+1:t3:

That’s totally excusable. They’re not exactly panning for gold like the pres of El Salvador, that’s more like selling shovels to the gold rushers…. When you already have $400 million in real tangible gold.

As I’m sure your due diligence turned up when you bought all of those leaps, Palantir owned at least 91,000 BTC as of April, and they accept crypto as payment. So yes you’re a proud crypto investor and their service contracts will dry up when BTC goes to $0 as you predict. I guess that’s like an emotional hedge, the sting of your prediction being wrong burns a lot less when your investments rise.

No dishonor in changing your mind. Keep HODLing my friend. I have a bunch of PLTR too.

You’re like the kid who saw wold of Wall Street when he was 11 and likes to tell people markets are efficient.

I dare Bitcoin to crash. Cuz I ain’t even come close to blowing my load on pltr yet. Trust me, I got ten years too.

Fuk on outta here with your stock picking matters attitude

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You need to slow down the wake & bakes my friend. It’s becoming less fun to posterize you when you write nonsensical posts like this. Like Bob Dylan, you are a man who contains multitudes, I’ll give you that. Good luck with PLTR, we’ll both win if they go up, you more than me as I’m holding equity vs derivatives.

I’m not even mad, my friend.

You sound like the kind of person that can dish it but can’t take it. What do you need to prove here? This is an anonymous forum, you really can’t win here. Focus your efforts into building your career. Make a difference and prove yourself with real people that matter. Not faceless avatars on some site. Who cares.

Well for one, you seem to care an awful lot, since you came into a conversation that wasn’t directed toward you to have a go.

I’m all good, it’s you two who have gotten worked up for some reason, and I’m just reacting to your posts. Best of luck with your own career ambitions, it’s a tough world out there and I hope you continue to thrive.

Hey, I’m reacting to your posts too. If you look at your threads, typically you post an idea or topic that doesn’t get a lot of conversation, and you add some additional stuff later on. Who’s posting? Marlowe, Marlowe, Marlowe. I’m just trying to sprinkle some stuff in here to generate the illusion of interest.

Well I guess by posting some topics recently I’ve been trying to fan the embers of a dying campfire and you two guys came along and got emotional and angry when most people would just exchange different opinions and/or agree to disagree. Best of luck to you, sincerely. Happy to let you have the run of the place, cheers.

CSU.TU is the only meaningful individual stock in my portfolio

I used to be mostly in physical assets, but as I’ve grown old my nephew has helped me get into the market. So far I my largest stockis YUM, but I also have recent stocks in EAT and COW. I’ve got my eye on MOO, but worried my nephew doesnt know what’s what.

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rofl i didnt know chilis and maggianos had a stock ticker

Chicken, 4 containers of about 750mL each. And I have a 500mL container of duck broth in the freezer too.

Gonna make a big pot of it tomorrow!!! :yum:

ETA: Holdings increased by about 5 litres!!! :yum:

A position in COW should be table “steaks” in any portfolio. But I could see “milking” the dividend on MOO.