What's your chance of passing L3

I’d say I have around 60% chance of passing. Roughly 60-65% in AM and about 75% in PM.

What is the probability of seeing a dinosaur if you go outside. 50/50, either you do or you don’t :slight_smile:

I have around 30 % chance I would say.

AM was miserable : 50 %

PM was good : 75 %

God damn it so much stuff in that AM were weak areas of mine.


According to this, 50% in AM and 75% in PM would be very likely to pass - I’m hoping so because that’s more or less what I’m expecting as well.

AM was pretty evil I thought - in the mocks I was certain on all the “circle one answer and provide justification” questions, but this time round I wasn’t 100% with any of them!

Fingers crossed for a low MPS (62-63% is my guess)