Whats your favorite inexpensive experience?

$30k millionaire brah.

so confused

Playing blackjack in Monte Carlo

Best guess is he works for an RIA that calls himself a PM (a pet peeve of mine) as his analyst.

I love watching these kids. In the mid twenties pulling down $60k a year and getting bottle service every weekend.

Agreed, it’s ridiculous that retail RIAs like thisconsider themselves PMs.

^Why did you pick them?

bottle service thread would be a great thread. i dont think the price is worth it. 1k to 2k/night would be ridiculous! plus it only brings chicks that are there to drink your booze. i prefer to roam, holler, and grind, the chicks who respond are the ones who like you for who you are as oppose to items you can bring.

but if i had the money, which i dont, i would. my buddy whose fam is worth 50m throws us bottle service every now and then at bougee ass clubs that only allow you in with bottle service.

on another note, do you guys typically buy chicks drinks if she asks and shes a stranger and hasnt done shit for you?




They were the most lowly retail shop I could find. Their “PMs” probably don’t even know what a swaption is.

My friend doesn’t remember what a swaption is, hahaha the fool. Should I recommend he hacksaw?

Yes, and if he works at a chop-shop like Wellington then he should make it rusty :+1:


i mean we all learned it, but i would understand why someone would forget it. most of that shit we dont even use so who really cares. lol

in addition most of that shit you pay a premium. which automatically makes it retarded imo.

I’m not familiar with Wellington, but based on their Form ADV and their website they seem legit. What’s your beef with them?

We’ve been over this, they consider themselves “PMs” :-1:

They’re “legit” like Eaton Vance, fidelity, gmo, black rock, legg Mason and capital group are legit. IE hacksaw!

Now I’m confused.


Basically they’re a top asset manager and have killer products and it’d be incredible to work there. The thread linked is about third ave but it discusses Wellington and it’s peers.

dude Wellington is a huge asset manager? i think they are bigger in the institutional space relative to its intermediary operations.