Whats your favorite inexpensive experience?

Besides playing with yourself.

Morning “you know” on a Thursday.

Stashing my mistress so my wife won’t find out.

Renting a professional cuddler for a night.

Eating live snakes.

anything that involves me getting my end off

long walks in nature

drinking on an empty stomach

Library card = any book I want for free seems like a hard to beat deal.

^I always drink on an empty stomach. i usually finish bball around 8 pm, so i eat a quick yogurt. then i start drinking until i hit the club. usually around 6 shots per night. lol

i also like to go to the beach. i take my dates there. i literally know where all the free parking in the south bay. lol. i usually bring a bag of lays yellow chip party size that i stash in my bag along with my amazon echo, a large beach towel and a mixed drink sippy cup with a few water bottles.

dota is free. i play a couple hrs a day.

Nerdy, where do you live and what do you do?

Damn, that a call back from AF 10 years ago.

los angeles. investment research. what up?

Video gaming… call of duty, world of warcraft.

fishing, sight seeing, games (Cod, Diablo 3, Legend of Zelda)

Seems like you got it good. I would love to live by the beach. Didn’t know that LA was a financial centre.

Sleeping in on a Sunday

Petting other peoples’ dogs.

Taking the car out for a spin.

life is purty good. east coast hours so no traffic. i typically work from 5:30 to 1:30pm.

i’m not exactly close to the beach about 5 miles but i still go once a week. i sometimes run there on a saturday.

dont really know how it compares as a financial center to other places, but this is major city so there’s enough jobs.

People watching

you in ER and work 8 hours a day?

nope, i work for a pm with a billion aum