What's your favorite moderately priced food?

I enjoy Longhorn Steakhouse

AF go

Chipotle, Shake Shack

Steak n shake > shake shack…Chipotle vegetarian burrito with guac, cheese and sour cream, hot and mild salsa is so good but…

Low priced = below $10. Chipotle is below $10, thus is low priced food. And I just cant find it appetizing anymore. I eat it all the time, but its just not good. Not when I can eat good burritos and know how much more tasty they are. Chipotle is just the mildly healthy option for lunch.

Shake shack is def. moderately priced food and is def good, as is five guys.

This is a great follow up post to my og post but what exactly is mid tier?

longhorn steakhouse is a restaurant. I would consider this a mid tier restaurant. Like red lobster. Low tier would be Olive Garden. High tier would be the 4 star places in yelp.

while chipotle five guys is fast food. I would consider this mid tier fast food. Low tier would be mcd. High tier would not exist.

At the mid-tier, there’s just too much to choose from, from so many different cuisines around the world: .

smoked brisket, fajitas, curries, halal, dumplings, pasta dishes, many types of soups (chilil, gumbos, pho, tom yum, ect ect), tons of different types of sandwiches ( burgers, smoked brisket, pastrami, cuban, po boys, ect ect ect ect)

Fair enough

mid range its got to be a gourmet burger or a really nice pizza place. quick an easy.

I also have a lot of time for shake shack but I think that’s mainly because they serve beer.

In N Out, is what a hamburger’s all about. much better than shake shack!

In N Out… the greatest hype, the biggest let down.

^ Is that the line from your Tinder profile?

this is so true. visited my sister in LA last year and found that Fatburger was so much better than In-n-out but nobody ever talks about Fatburger

LOL, that would be great

in n out is cheaper than fatgburger. in n out has an expected taste that meets it everytime. fatburger is perfect for hangovers because its greasy and delicious.

About 9/10 times someone says they don’t get the hype around In N Out I ask them if they were aware of the “off-menu” selections and they had no idea so they just got a plain cheeseburger.

Going to In N Out and getting a double-double vs a double-double animal style is huge.

what’s the deal with Whitecastle? Is that an actual place or was it just made up for Harold and Kumar?

I can see this STL, but there’s a lot that can be said about a fast-casual’s most basic, plain burger. In N Out base burger, I don’t even remember what they tasted like… Shake Shack’s base burger, I’ll have twenty please.

White Castle is an actual place, don’t know of too many though. You could always take a casual stroll down your local grocer’s frozen food aisle and look for the brand, they sell small microwaveable (nasty) burgers.

They call white castles burgers sliders. They’re sliders because they sliiiide right through you.

whitecastle is low quality burger joint. i had 1 at the ghetto side of chicago. there was a bum. i’ve also seen 1 in vegas strip. anyawys their food is dirt cheap/