What's your general mood right now?

I feel like I’m about maxed out on this lockdown.

you and me both

It really just become normal life at this point. A kids need other kids to play with though. Without kids, I think this would have been kind of a nice break. It’s still nice to hang with the fam and find new and exciting ways to balance work and a rigorous physical and mental testing regimen, but I feel bad for the younglings.

Yeah, I feel like the kids need to get out and I could benefit from getting out as well at this stage.

I’m firmly in the full opening and put control in the hands of businesses and individuals at this stage.

found a new hobby. so all good in the hood! I’m also cooking more.
imo they should have never shut down.
more people will prolyl die from this shutdown than from corona itself.
right now cases have leveled off and deaths have been dropping.
which is odd. since cases should be a leading indicator.
the numbers of deaths will prolly flatten from here imo. since they are usually delayed.
if they ease the restrictions sure more people will die. but this covid has not been that deadly.
even without restrictions, dearths are expected at less than 150k in the us.
meanwhile number of people that die from starvation is expected to double.
9 million people die from starvation every year.

Yeah I’m just about done with it. We’ve adapted as best we can, but it would be wonderful to spend quality time with somebody other than my wife for a change.

I tend to agree with Nerdy, it seems this whole experiment just delayed the inevitable. Once things reopen the pace of the spread will pick up and the lock-down likely just served to create financial distress. In some ways I fear Covid has changed the landscape permanently.

Well I dumped my gf and got a dog. So honestly my mood is super good.

I do want the country to open though. It’s such a joke honestly. The people who arbitrarily decided what can and can’t be open, don’t understand the most basic principles of statistics at least that’s how I feel in Denver.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

feelin good. miss gym the most

Supply is low. Clubs are close. During times like this I’m happy to have a main squeeze.

Cuomo said a single life is priceless. I don’t see these same people donating their life savings to medical research or to fight poverty.

Surely you know the difference between the propaganda used to shape political opinions to lead to actions and the actual beliefs of politicians. I understand it sucks but we can’t expect politicians not to do what politicians do. It is like a management team saying their stock is under valued. Of course they say that haha


haha hilarious. but to your previous point. if i had a choice between saving a poor young healty person vs an old rich sickly person. i know who’d i choose. the one who has a higher change of making my life better.

What gets me is ok, sure it’s propaganda but I’m with Nerdy on this, this is absolutely crushing a lot of young people’s futures for a questionable trade off in terms of unknown actual impact. At the least they need to relax the authoritarianism and start turning this over to personal freedom. Let restaurants open if they choose, let people go if they choose, let people continue sheltering if they choose.

What got me is that I’ve started hearing similar sentiments from oldies I know like my own parents saying the boomer generation has gotten addicted to self serving policies at the expense of younger generations. These are literal 65 year olds saying in their exact words that their generation needs to be willing to make sacrifices for the future like generations before them.

welcome to the last 30 years…

Just so we’re clear I’d prolly save the rich person. They’ll prolly give me monies lol! But assuming they were of equivalent wealth. I’d always help the younger person.

Yeah. The dog misses the dog park and the kids miss the playgrounds/zoo/ other kid ■■■■. Going on walks down the street and hikes in the state park only get us so far

I kind of like the lockdown, at least the WFH part of it. I’m pretty sure my productivity is way higher than normally, even though the number of meetings are at at all time high. I also love the fact that I skip the commute, putting on nice clothes and the extracurricular stuff that goes into a normal office job.

Aside from work, I’m looking forward to be able to spend time outside, go out to eat, etc.

Fully agree with the above young peoples’ future vs old peoples’ health argument. We’re digging a lot of young people into a 6ft deep grave economically and getting out of it will be very complicated.