What's your L3 process?


Looking to complete notes + Schweser EOCs by 31st March. Currently on AI so 24/32 sections down.

April - focus on EOCs, Topic Tests and AM question practice

May - 10-12 Mocks.

Currently, not putting as much time in as I’d like but getting through the material so not sure if its a case of lower quality learning or easier material to understand. Of course the real task will be converting that into constructed response answers.

Planing to complete schweser notes + eoc (both schweser and curriculum) + BB by 20th march

20th march to 15th April - Quick revision + redo curriculum EOC + start CFAI topic tests

15th April to exam - 10-12 mocks, finish CFAI topic tests + revision

I need to rev up the hours and focus, currently running behind schedule. And I am still looking for a benchmark for appropriate answers to constructed response. I tend to be extremely to the point, but when I check against curriculum eoc answers, I find that I have used maybe 20% of the words written.

Also on AI, planning on finishing Kaplan material (notes and on-demand videos) by April 7th, while doing all EOC questions along the way. Then questions and mocks with reviews of weak spots until the exam. Will also be going to Kaplan’s 3-day class.

Curious … How will you do the quick revision? What is the revision based on?C

Curious … How will you do the quick revision? What is your revision based on?

In quick revision I will skim through topics that I have understood well and revisit topics and questions that I did not understand properly on the first go. I am marking them as I progress. Also rereading concepts that prove problematic in EOCs and topic tests.

Quick revision - the best tools, Schweser Secret Sauce + Own hand notes.

Just going to pray in every language / location that offers the CFA exam