What's your most favorite Finance book?

Rule: Please don’t tell me CFA /CAIA / FRM / ACCA books @_@

One Up On Wall Street - Peter Lynch

It was one of the most enjoyable reads, ever. Read it as a freshman and I kept going. It got me reading all sorts of stuff and then I turly realized I loved finance. Thank you, Peter Lynch.

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Harry Potter

Hunger Games

All the Money in the World

Reminsces of a Stock Operator

Monkey Business. Made me rethink my goals.

^ You mean you don’t want to M’n’A on the Buyside for 35 hours a day!? WTF is wrong with you, on the real!

for fundamental investing - michael porter competitive strategy

for trading - techniques of tape reading

for the mystique of finance - the money game

Market wizards

Must read.

Cool! Mine is Fooled by randomness. I plan to read ~6 books this year (apart from CFA books) and the above are in my list now. Thanks for sharing.

I bought this on a recommendation but then put it down after 10 pages once I read it was fictional. I just couldn’t get past that.

I’ve always found stuff written by Michael Lewis to be a good read (Liar’s Poker, Boomerang, Big Short).

When Genius Failed and FIASCO were also very entertaining.

It’s not fiction. It was based on the life of Jesse Livermore.

Edwin Levre has great books. Read his short stories, etc. He’s known for his Livermore book, but his other stories are hilarious and worth reading. One being ‘HR’, and the other ‘the Plunderers’.

If you want to read about Livermore himself, get one of his biographies…

the guy offed himself with a pistol, after he made his largest fortune…

… in my opinion, he did it, because he didn’t want too go through the pain of losing again.

…he lost his stake a good three times before, and when he finally made it in a relatively astronomical sense, he went to one of his local hotels and offed himself with a pistol…

he was old enough then, and he had enough wives…

Seth Klarman - Margin of Safety

Maggie Mahar - Bull

The Big Short

Those are just off the top of my head, I am not sure of their full names or authors.

Leveraged Sellout - “Damn, it Feels Good to Be a a Banker”

Dont hate, I know some of you must have been thinking of it. Plus, it’s simply one of the funniest reads of all time.


Side Note: Camera quality was shit 5 years ago…

Warren Buffett’s letters to shareholders

Random Walk Down Wall Street