What's your plan?

I only have 7 readings left. I am planning to finish these readings as if I was taking the exam in June but I am unsure what to do after. I do not plan on taking any real time off but review readings here and there and re-do EOC questions. Still planning on keeping Topic Tests for later. I guess I’ll just go through Schweser again…This is going to suck.

I agree. I already finished FRA, Quant, Equtiy, Portfolio mgmt., and half of fixed income. My plan is to take it slow from now on and finished everything by September. Then, I would re-do every EOC and topic tests and october and november, I would be dedicated to mocks. Whats yours?

Very similar to you. Starting PM tomorrow and plan to finish it around April 10th. After will just be a mix of EOCs and review until September where I’s ll complete Topic tests. October and November will be dedicated to Mocks with topic test and mock review in between.