What's your reading schedule like?

How do you structure it?

I’m finishing up uni, so after class I read for a few hours. Weekends I chill mostly to pace myself, and preserve some sanity.

Tues-Friday I read for roughly two hours after work. I aim to complete a full study session during this time, while going over schweser’s concept checkers and CFAI’s EOC questions for that study session. saturdays i spend 3-4 hours with the qbank testing only the concepts i learned that week and reviewing wrong answers. sunday i spend the same amount of time on a 120 question qbank test on everything i’ve covered so far from study session 1 through my current study session. monday nights are my well-deserved night off.

i’ll be finishing my first read through the material this week. then i’ll be reviewing, drilling with qbank, taking practice tests, more reading and more drilling til june

I haven’t set any schedule for myself but I have been following a “pathfinance” on Twitter. It regularly sends CFA prep related tweets and I read them. In a way those tweets set my schedule of preparation. They’re really to the point and I find them really good for my preparation.

solve questions. Thats all i am going to do from 1st April.

and Thanks for the twitter handle shashank. Will follow them. Though i have bought their package but i dint know thier tweets are helpful.